Perian currently works in the cultural heritage field, specifically helping archives, libraries, and museums activate their collections by making them accessible to a wide range of stakeholders. She is considered a respected authority on:

  • collection information management systems, database migration, metadata crosswalks, and developing collection websites
  • physical collection management, cataloging, developing controlled vocabularies and integrated workflows
  • digitizing archive, library, and museum holdings and using the resulting image, video, and audio assets for exhibition, documentary, and outreach purposes
  • integration of archive, library, and museum information into centralized database solutions for ease of searching and sharing by and between scholars, institutions, and the general public
  • using a wide range of social media applications to generate visitor participation, increase access to cultural heritage assets, and develop new avenues for education and research

Along with her day-to-day work, Perian has penned chapters about collection information management systems for The New Museum Registration Methods, 5th Edition and Encyclopedia for Library and Information Management. She is a regular contributor to Musematic, a blog dedicated to discussing the latest trends and thoughts about museum technology. She is a frequent speaker and instructor, especially discussing online collections and social media applications.

Beginning in May, 2010, Perian became the Program Chair for the American Association of Museums’ Media and Technology Standing Professional Committee, an organization she has been on the board of since 2007. She is also active in the Registrar’s Committee of AAM, the Museum Computer Network, and is currently participating in the Open Archives Metadata Mapping Project, an initiative to use linked data and ontologies to increase access to diverse information collections.

In addition to her professional career, Perian also has a rabid interest in historical textiles and costume, and has considerable expertise with 18th and 19th century construction techniques, styles of fashion, and applied decorations (such as embroidery). She teaches occasionally on these topics and is an active member of the Greater Bay Area Costumer’s Guild.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Studio Art – Sculpture at the University of California, Davis and a Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies, with an emphasis on collection management, technology and education, from John F. Kennedy University.

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