Sully, Perian. “File-naming conventions and best practices for cultural heritage collections.” revised March 29, 2011. Available as PDF.

Introduction: This document began as an internal document to outline the digitization procedures and file naming practices for a small institution. At the request of a number of professionals, I have broadened this document to function as a more general set of guidelines for use by professionals within other cultural heritage institutions. Please note that the conventions within were developed based upon the needs of one institution, using existing published best practices, and the reader’s own institution may have their own established procedures. If this is the case, the document may serve as a template going forward, or may be modified as needed.

Quigley, Suzanne, updated and expanded by Perian Sully. “Computer Documentation.” The New Museum Registration Methods. Rebecca A. Buck and Jean A. Gilmore (eds.). 5th ed.  Washington, DC: American Association of Museums, 2010. Print.

Abstract: This chapter discusses the practice of computerized documentation and the process of caring for collection information. A detailed overview of selecting, modifying, and caring for a collection management system or database is also included within the chapter. Additional content for the 5th edition includes information about digital asset management systems, presenting collection information online, updated discussion of hardware selection, and new and established metadata/content standards.

Sully, Perian. “Collection Management Systems.” Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science. Miriam Drake (ed.). Taylor and Francis, 2010. Print.

Abstract: The purpose of this article is to provide an overview about the program capabilities of collection management systems and how they compliment museum collection management tasks. In addition, this article will inform museum professionals about the myriad tasks and considerations one must take into account when selecting, implementing, and maintaining a software package. There are a number of guidebooks freely available online to assist with implementation projects, but these projects are often complex and confusing, and the article is intended to serve as an orientation tool for those unfamiliar with the process.

Sully, Perian. “Inventory, Access, Interpretation: The Evolution of Museum Collection Management Software.” MA thesis John F. Kennedy University, 2006. Print.

Abstract: Traces the history of development of collection management software (CMS) from 1967 to the present and examines current issues with CMS development and usages within the museum environment. Makes recommendations for museum stakeholders for selecting an appropriate system and for CMS developers seeking to increase their product’s usefulness to their customers. (download in PDF – 603 kb)

Sully, Perian. “Habitat Preferences of Bush Lupine (Lupinus aboreous).” Project paper University of California, Davis, Bodega Marine Laboratory Summer Retreat, July, 1992. Print.

Paper and accompanying presentation was developed from a two-week invitational for high school student scientists. My topic of study was about the habitat preferences of the bush lupine and the paper presented the results of detailed soil samples, wind effects, and other ecological stressors.


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